Peanut Sesame Milk with Jujubes

My old soymilk maker finally broke after almost 10 years’ service in my kitchen.  I bought a new soymilk machine to replace it.  Oh man, I had no idea how soymilk machines had evolved during the past 10 years!  All my old machine did was to blend soy beans and heat the soymilk.  But the new ones available on market now can do so much more.  They can make smoothies, puddings, porridges and all kinds of nut milk instead of pure soy milk.   

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I have been trying different nut milk and soy milk after I got my new toy.  It is been so much fun and I can’t wait to share some of my great experiments with you guys!

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Nuts used in the recipe would have so much better result if you dry roast them first.

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30 g roasted unsalted peanuts
20 g roasted unsalted black sesame seeds
10 g dried longan fruits
30 g jujubes
10 g steel cut oats



Rinse jujubes, oats and longan fruits under running water.  Drain well.  If the jujubes are large in size, cut them into small pieces.

Add everything to a soymilk maker.

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Add 1000 ml cold water.  

Turn on the soymilk maker and select “grains” function.

30 minutes later, hot peanut sesame milk with jujubes is done!

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There is no need for adding extra sugar.  Jujubes and dried longan fruits have naturally sweet flavors.  The nuttiness from peanuts and sesame seeds makes the drink very comforting and pleasant O(∩_∩)O~

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