American Harvest Livonia, MI

I learned about American Harvest from a friend.  I was immediately attracted by the desserts she posted.  So I made a reservation online.  They only open on Thursdays and Fridays. 

 We arrived a few minutes prior our reservation time, and waited at the entrance with other guests. 

A display of trophies and media coverage of their school and restauran 

Love the details

My husband ordered merlot and I ordered Michigan local beers.  Both were very good. 

I wasn’t sure what went wrong.  South American and Latin American cuisine were listed for that Friday I reserved.  But they served Asian cuisine instead. 

As a Chinese, I wasn’t that into the Asian food served here.  To be honest, they just looked like Asian food, but the taste and flavor were definitely far away from authentic ones.  

Tuna was ok.  Beef was way too tough and chewy for fork and knife.  The rib was too dry.  Spring roll is ok. 

Not of fan of the Kong pao chicken

Teriyaki chicken was too lean and dry.

The scallops and shrimps, on the hand, were tender, juicy and very tasty. 

They were so good and I got some more O(∩_∩)O~

Salmon was very good too.  It was so tender that it could melt in your mouth.  

Not a fan of Vietnam pho either.  My husband thought it was ok.  So was the Pad Thai.

Dessert bar!  

The fruit tarts were outstanding!  The tarts were crispy and crunch, topped with fruits.

Macaron was ok.

Apple mousse was very pretty and tasty too!

I couldn’t tell what was the filling inside but it was good too. 

Chocolate mousse stood out in this plate. 

It had intense chocolate flavor, light and airy texture, and a beautiful presentation.  

What we love American Harvest are their awesome atmosphere, great service and nice staff, and all the fabulous desserts!