Blueberry and Watermelon Smoothie

中文菜谱: 西瓜蓝莓沙冰

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Summer is coming, along with watermelons!  O(∩_∩)O~ 

We love watermelons.  Who doesn’t?  They are sweet, juicy and so refreshing in the hot summer time.  Besides cutting and serving them in slices and cubes, I love adding watermelons into my drinks.  They are sweet and mild flavor which makes they go great with pretty much most fruits. 

I make watermelon and blueberry smoothie.  It is so easy that the whole process takes less than 10 seconds.  Simple and delicious, that is my kind of drink.  O(∩_∩)O~ 

Ingredients (for 1 serving) :

2 cups watermelon, cut into small cubes
1 cup ice cubes
1 cup frozen blueberries


I use frozen blueberries from what we picked in local blueberry farms.  I love blueberries so much that we never stock up enough to last until the next blueberry season starts.

Add watermelon cubes to the vitamix first, followed by ice cubes and frozen blueberries.

Turn on vitamix , blend on high speed until smooth.

It is very smooth and beautiful color too.

Pour into a glass.  Serve immediately

This icy watermelon and blueberry smoothie is a real treat for hot summer O(∩_∩)O~