Chocolate Strawberries

  中文: 巧克力草莓

Chocolate strawberries can be simple and simple.  You just need to melt the chocolate and dip strawberries in it, and then, wola, chocolate strawberries!  But they can be sophisticated too.  Chocolate needs to be tempered to enhance its shine and taste.

I am in a lazy mood today, so I am going the easy way.  The strawberries I bought yesterday from Meijer are surprisingly sweet and delicious.  So I pair them with 72% dark chocolate.



12 strawberries (try to pick equal sized strawberries)
1/2  to 2/3 cup dark chocolate
3 to 4 tablespoons white chocolate



Wash and drain the strawberries. Pat them dry with paper towel.

Melt the dark chocolate with a double boiler; whisk until chocolate is silky and smooth.

Melt and white chocolate the same way in a separate double boiler.

Line a flat plate with plastic wrap.

Hold the strawberries pointed side down, dip into chocolate, and then place them on the plate until chocolate is set and harden again.

Drizzle the white chocolate over chocolate strawberries.  Or you can do what I do here. Fill a pastry bag with white chocolate and then pipe out even thin strips on strawberries. 

Nice afternoon tea snacks.  O(_)O~

They can be awesome gifts too