Lucky’s Steakhouse in Bay City, MI

The Lucky’s Steakhouse in Bay City is almost our go to place now.  Although we don’t live in Bay City, that doesn’t stop us dining there from time to time.

The following picture is from internet.

The interior décor is just so so.  But the service is always good.  Sometimes it can get very crowded.  The longest waiting record for us is over an hour.  That is pretty long waiting time for such a small town as Bay City.

Garlic bread for every table.  Well, not my favorite. 

I ordered a combo appetizer platter.

DSC_5393 2 copy.jpg

The ribs were great, tender and juicy.  The onion rings were hot and crunchy.

Our waiter was very considerate.  He brought extra plate for each dish so that my husband and I can share the food.

The potato fries were a really nice surprise.  Loved very bite until it was all gone!

DSC_5389 2 copy.jpg

House salad

DSC_5361 2 copy.jpg

My husband ordered Big Ribeye which is a huge 22 oz. prime cut of beef.  He asked for medium rare.

DSC_5393 2 copy.jpg

Now you see the reason why we like this steakhouse.  The steak is always cooked perfectly!

DSC_5414 2 copy.jpg