A Day at Traverse City, Michigan

Michigan’s spring is finally here, hooray!  Last weekend was sunny and warm.  We spent a day in Traverse city.

It was less than 3 hour drive.  When we got there, the farmer market was still crowded.  So we stopped by to check it out.  I scored several yellow tomato plants and guess what, a Goji berry plant!  Goji plant tips are a special treat in my hometown.  I have seen it for years after I came to America.  I bought one and planted it in my vegetable garden, hoping it will grow bigger and bring me back my childhood memory too.

We were planning to have lunch at an Italian restaurant with good reviews. But when we got the front door only to find out that no one was eating inside the restaurant...  Not a good sign at all.  So we switched to another restaurant, Bubba’s. 

It was not a big restaurant and quite crowed.  We waited for about 15 minutes for our table.  The staff here was very nice.  That made good first impression.

When we were waiting, we went over the menu.  So we ordered as soon as the waitress came to our table, who by the way was also super sweet and nice young lady.

Appetizing snacks. 

I ordered steak fajitas, medium rare.

The taste was good.  The steak was a little bit overdone for medium rare.  And the vegetable was a bit too salty for my taste.

The steak came with another large plate and tortillas. 

I made myself a couple delicious steak tacos.

He ordered Bubba’s tacos.  One was steak and the other one was shrimp.  Good flavor and taste. 

What impressed us the most was the service.  Everyone we met in the restaurant was nice and kind. We will definitely go back there again. O(_)O~
Food ★★★★☆
Ambience ★★★☆☆

We decided to do a winery tour on old mission peninsula.  There are many acres of cherry trees there. It was about to be the peak time for cherry blossoms. 

Guess what?  Turned out my guessing was right.  Thousands of cherry trees were blooming.  It was so beautiful!

I wonder why people don’t rush to Traverse City to see cherry blossoms just like cherry festival.  It is like a post card from any angles. 

There are eight or nine wineries on old mission peninsula.  We have 3 to 4 favorites.

First, we stopped by peninsula cellars.

The tasting room was crowded.  And our bartender was very impatient.  Ok, let’s move on to next one. 

We saw a newly opened sign for Bonobo winery.  Got to check it out!

The interior design is very comforting, modern and bright all at the same time.  I liked it already by the first look.  The bartender was very nice and entertaining.  He introduced with very detailed and educating information every single wine he poured for us, which is so awesome!

One of our favorites is Chateau Chantal. 

We bought wine by glasses here.

A glass of tonight for me.  It is very crispy and bubbly.

A glass of Pinot Grigio for him.

Another glass of Pinot Noir.

Well, their glasses are really small。。。。

The best part of this winery is that there is a huge deck just right outside the tasting room.  You can get a beautiful overlook of the hills and Grand Traverse Bay.

We spent most of the afternoon on the deck.  It felt really good to just relax and enjoy the wine and view.

When we got hungry again, we drove back to downtown to have dinner. Earlier I had my eyes on a little street corner surrounded by several food trucks.  We went there directly.

He bought pulled pork tacos from this food truck. 

The taste was good but the pulled pork at the bottom was too dried out.  Vegetable toppings were awesome.

I bought chicken wings in BBQ sauce from this food truck. 

After a really big bite, the chicken wings turned out to be still raw inside.  I took them back and they made me a new batch of chicken wings.

The taste was good.  

We just walked along the streets in downtown area.  Traverse City downtown is quite neat and clean.  The streets are crowded with all kinds of restaurants, coffee shops, and cute little shops. 

We went into a coffee shop round the corner.

I ordered a cup of cappuccino.  He ordered a latte. 

To be honest, the coffees were not good.  Even I can do much better than that. 

On our way home, we parked in a lakeside park to

 enjoy this gorgeous sunset. What a perfect ending it is for such a perfect day!