Smoked Duck with Rudy’s BBQ Dry Rub

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I brought back a bottle of dry rub from Rudy’s BBQ during our last visit. Their brisket and chicken BBQ tasted pretty awesome so i decided to buy their dry rub to try BBQ duck with it. Although duck is not on the menu of most BBQ restaurant, I started my experiment with it anyway because both my husband and I love duck meat so much more than chicken.  Guess what?  It turned out so great and tasty!  If you find it hard to believe, just take a look at the photos.  They would convince you how good it is ( ̄▽ ̄)”

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1 whole duck (about 5 to 6 pounds)
1/2 bottle of Rudy’s dry rub or your favorite brand (about 5 to 6 oz)
oak smoking chips


Clean and rinse the duck under running water.  Pat dry with paper tower

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When I was checking out in the BBQ store, I asked the cashier how much I should use for a brisket or a chicken.  She went to the person who was in charge of smoking who by the way was a very nice guy.  He told me that usually they use about 2 bottles’ amount dry rub on a whole large brisket. 

So I decide to use half bottle on my duck.

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Sprinkle on duck

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Massage the dry rub all over the duck, inside and out

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Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight

Rudy’s dry rub ingredients

The next day, preheat smoker to 225F/107C

Rudy’s use exclusively oak wood, so I go with oak wood chips too.  I always buy variety pack of smoking wood chips to go with different kinds of meat.

This tiny chicken roaster is such a great help in smoking chicken and ducks.  With it, the duck can stay vertical in the smoker so very part of duck is perfectly smoked.

Skew the duck with chicken roaster.  It works the same with chicken.

Smoke for about 5 hours or until the duck is golden brown.

Smoke coming out of the door and smoker

Make a quick inspect 3 hours into the smoking process.  If all the smoking wood chips have burnt down, refill the smoke box.

5 hours later

How good does that look?

Allow the duck to cool down and cut into small pieces with a sharp cleaver.

Smoked duck pairs better with beers.  But all I have in fridge is red wine.  That will do too.