Americano Coffee

中文菜谱: 美式咖啡

Both my husband and I enjoy a couple cups of coffee together every day.  We drink decaf.  But good decaf coffee beans are really hard to find.  To my surprise, we found a good one during a visit trip to my sister and brother-in-law in Colorado.   They introduced us to a local organic store coffee.  It tastes good. So we left Colorado with six bags of these organic decaf coffee beans in my carry-on luggage. 

About two months later, they are almost all gone.  So my sister sent me more coffee beans, along with two pounds of black lentil beans we use to make lentil sprouts.  (It is posted before here:

Coffee time!

I didn't realize I misplaced the bottom stainless steel board until we finished our coffee。。。。。This machine has excellent reviews in amazon, see here.

My husband is making coffee, so I have all the time to take pictures.

Love the crema.

We are not that into espresso.   So we add hot water to make our favorite Americano coffee. 

It does smell and taste really good.