Blimpy Burger & Mighty Good Coffee in Ann Arbor, MI


Although it is only two hours drive away, we don’t go to Ann Arbor as often as other people do.  If we go there, we go there for one clear purpose: food!  

As a college town, Ann Arbor has a wide variety of restaurants to offer.  Among them, there is a burger joint called Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger which I always want to try.  It has been featured in FoodNetwork’s Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives, Travel Channel’s Hamburger Paradise 2 and Man VS Food shows.  Last time when we were in town, it was closed for renovation. So I have to try it this time.

It is just a block away from Main Street, not far behind Starbucks. 

Menu on the wall

Ok, here is how to order your food properly…….

Looks like this burger joint has been featured in food magazines too.

I remember this funny cook from TV shows.

This is a open kitchen.  You get to watch how your burger is cooked when waiting in line. 

IMG_8714 2.jpg

What makes the burgers here special is that the never-frozen-beef is freshly grounded in store.  And you can choose between double and quint patties plus grilled items and condiments.  You can have as many as 2,147,483,648 different flavors burgers here, wow!

He ordered triple plus American cheese, grilled onion and bacon.

The beef is juicy and tender.

I ordered double plus American cheese, grilled onion and fried egg.

The egg is a little bit beyond well done.

We shared an order of fried mixed vegetable. It is crunchy and crispy, not bad. 

Burgers are between ok and good.  Not as good as what they say on TV.  When we were eating there, there were only a few people, barely a line up.  We probably will not go back again.

According to the cook, it is all because they moved away from the original spot.  

After lunch, we spent a couple hours in the downtown area, window shopping those cute and interesting stores.  And then it is coffee time. 

I picked Mighty Good Coffee because they have quite a reputation online. 

There isn’t much decoration inside the store, but it still makes you feel quite cozy.

We ordered two cups of cappuccinos. What a perfect ending for a short trip to Ann Arbor!O(∩_∩)O~