Asian City Dim Sum, Michigan

中文: 亚洲城早茶

Asian city is one of the very few restaurants which provide traditional Cantonese style dim sum in Michigan. 

We went on a Saturday morning for dim sum only to be so disappointed that neither of us finished our food. 

There are several traditional food carts loaded with different kinds of small portion dishes and snacks strolling around the restaurant.  When the carts pass by, you can take a quick look to see if you what you like and directly order from the waiter/ waitress.  Not many restaurants are still serving dim sum this way even in main land China. 

Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce is ok. They are soft but a little bit chewy; tons of flavors. 

Another seasoned chicken feet dish

This one tastes really wired even for a foodie like me who has an open heart to all kinds of bizarre foods. 

Beef tendon tastes like it’s been sitting on the counter for a really long time.  By the way, it is tasteless too. 

The dumplings are very thick and way too soft and mushy that the shrimp filling falls out after he tries pick the dumplings up with chopsticks.  

Shrimp rice noodle are so thick that I don’t think we should even call it noodle.  Maybe rice cake is a more suitable name for it.  

Sesame balls are ok.  I like the red bean paste filling.

egg yolk custard buns are very very very chewy. 

Ok, that is enough.  Get the check and leave.  Probably won't come back here for dim sum again, ever.