Shangri La Dim Sum, Bloomfield, MI

We were suddenly craving for dim sum a couple weeks ago.   Usually we love drive to Toronto for authentic dim sum.  We decide to look around within Michigan this time.  Some research I did online plus recommendation from a friend, we went to Shangri La Chinese restaurant. 

There are traditional food carts circling inside the restaurant, jut like the old way.  I love it.  A lot of dim sum restaurants in Toronto don’t do that anymore.   It is quite fun and amazing to order food from these tiny cute food carts loaded with all kinds of delicious snack portion food.  It is the unique experience you need to try at least once in your life. O(∩_∩)O~ 

This cart is for congee. 

One bowl of congee with pork and fermented egg coming up!

Great congee with authentic flavors

Forgot to take some photos when I was eating.  Here are some photos taken by the phone.

Shrimp dumplings, steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce, steamed egg yolk buns and beef tripe 

Egg tarts are best when served and eaten hot

Beef tripe and beef tendon

Shrimp rice noodle is a little bit too thick

Salt and pepper shrimps are not crispy as they should be. 

 The dim sum here taste pretty good overall.  So the following weekend we went back there again. O(∩_∩)O~

Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce is always on top of my favorite list.

Egg tarts are very crispy and flaky.  They are at their best when hot. 

Shrimp rice noodle is little bit below average.  The noodle is thick and too soft. 

Shrimp dumplings are another must have item when we go for dim sum.  

Sesame balls are made with sweet rice.  I heard that a lot American people are not a fan because its sticky texture.  However that is exactly why I love it.  It has been one of my childhood favorites and it is still now. O(∩_∩)O~

Pan fried chive dumplings/buns are just ok.  I don’t’ even remember how they taste. 

Steamed baby octopuses are surprisingly tasty.  They are tender but a little crunchy at the same time.  The sauce brings out the octopuses flavor but not overpowering the whole dish.

They are so good that we order another portion right after finishing the first one. 

Salted egg yolk custard buns are different from steamed egg yolk buns.  They are usually made with salted duck egg yolk, milk, cream, sugar and some other secret ingredients. 

You have to consume them when they are still hot.  The runny, tasty, creamy golden delicious filling will be oozing out of buns.   They are super tasty. 

XiaoLongBao, on the other side, are nowhere near tasty at all.  The dough is mushy and way too soft.  The filling is just a big tough flavorless starchy meatball.  Will never order it again, ever. 

Overall Shangri La dim sum experiences have been great.  The food is good, and the wait stuff are all very nice.  When we don’t want to drive all the way to Toronto for authentic Chinese food, Shangri La is a nice substitute too.