Holland-Grand Rapids Tour - Day One

Finally spring is in the air!  The weather is getting warmer.  And flowers are blooming.  We drove to Holland and Grand Rapids for a weekend getaway.

 Every year there is a tulip festival in town.  We went on Friday to avoid tourist peak.  That was such a wise decision because we enjoyed some really nice and quiet walks around downtown and parks area.

For brunch, we headed for Windmill restaurant in downtown Holland. 

The restaurant is a bit small.  We waited for while for a table.  The staff was super nice.

My husband ordered pancakes.  They are soft, warm and fluffy. 

Eggs and bacons.

Cinnamon toasts.  We were hoping for French toast.  This is the closest one they have.  The bread is good, soft and fluffy.

I wasn’t sure what to order.  So the waitress recommended harsh brown omelet.

It came in a huge plate.

Just one bite, I was hooked.  Wow, that is really awesome!  The harsh brown is crispy and crunchy on the outside, soft and cheesy on the inside, with tons of bacons bits in it. 

We ditched everything else on the table and shared my harsh brown together.  That was so good.

Flowers are blooming everywhere.

We went for a nice walk in the Holland State Park.  It is right next to the Lake Michigan. 

After the walk, we went to JP for coffee.

Latte and cappuccino

Aroma was great.  Crema was thick and beautiful.

What a nice afternoon!

We took another walk in downtown area.  It was a perfect day for ice cream.  Apparently a lot of people thought so, because the ice cream shop was really crowded. O(∩_∩)O~

We had strawberry and chocolate frozen yogurt.  They were really good and creamy, but too sweet for my taste.

After the ice cream, we drove to Grand Rapids and checked in our hotel. We decide to skip dinner and went directly to his favorite bar in town, Founders.

See, flowers are indeed blooming everywhere, even in the parking lot.

Founders is one of best local breweries.  We have to stop by here every time we are in town.   Their beers are also sold in grocery and liquor stores.  But being here is a total different experience. 

I forgot to take pictures from outside.  So I found a couple pictures online.

We ordered a Founders All Day IPA and a Dirty Bastard.  They are both quite good, intense flavor and earthy, but just a little bit too dark for me.  I personally prefer light and fruity beers.

Guacamole and chips to go with the beers.  It is very light, bland and kind of lack of taste.  Well, we are here for the beer, not the food.