The Taste of Home (Sichuan, China)

The Chinese New Year holiday is coming soon.  It is like Christmas to Americans.  Families and friends get together to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.   It is also the time that can make us really homesick. I miss everything back home, especially my grandma’s kitchen.  That is the taste of home I can’t recreate here in America.    

My husband grew up in Sichuan, China.  It locates in the southeast of China.  It is mostly famous for Sichuan cuisine which is hot, spicy and tasty.  These are part of the food photos I took during our last trip back home.  They are actually from my mother-in-law’s kitchen.  They all taste so good.  That is right; the secret ingredient is love! 

I might not be able to translate every dish’s name here. But I can assure you they are all fantastic!

Garlic chives and pork

Peppers and pork

Smoked aged pork

Sichuan sausages


More aged pork are in process.  

Spicy cucumber salad


Smoked pork

One of the local salads.  It has a unique and distinctive smell and flavor.  

Freshly harvested vegetable


Chicken and duck feet


Pork again

Chinese celery and pork. 

Hot pepper and pork

Sichuan sausage.  I can literally eat it every day and never be tired of it. 


Cucumber salad

Stir-fried vegetable 

Dried beans braised with chicken stock

Rice cakes


Oyster mushrooms and chicken soup

We visited father-in-law’s brother.  They were busy preparing vegetable pickles.  It is a great way to preserve vegetables.

Sundried vegetable

DSC_1882 2 copy.jpg

Fresh ones

The vegetable hearts are the best part.  The leaves will become dinner for farm raised pigs. 

DSC_1871 2 copy.jpg

Deep fried fish

Smoked beef


Sweet rice

Taro roots

Pork and daikon soup


Dried tofu and garlic chives

Pork and garlic chives

Pork and mixed vegetable

Stir-fried vegetable

Smoked pork

Dates and white mushroom soup

Corn cakes


Lotus roots

Hot and spicy pepper with diced beef

Chicken and duck feet

Pork and celery


Celery and pork

Hot peppers and pork

Pork and white garlic chives

Pickled duck eggs

Smoked pork

Sichuan sausage again.


Pork and celery

It is been such a great and wonderful trip!O(_)O~