Happy Valentine’s Day!

中文: 情人节快乐

My husband and I Just got back from our trip to New Orleans, and then Valentine's Day comes.  Happy Valentine's Day!

I used to buy chocolate for my husband on Valentine’s Day.  I decide to do something new this year.  So I make store-bought dark chocolate into chocolate roses.  This is a nice surprise for him.

Chocolate roses taste better than fondant roses. It might only be good for small cake decorations like flowers and leaves.  If you want to do a whole cake, fondant is still the best choice.

The cake includes chiffon cake, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate ganache, and coco powder.  The edge is covered with store-bought chocolate wafer sticks.  They have to be dipped into melted chocolate before going onto the cake; otherwise they will soften from moisture from whipped cream. 

Gifts from my husband.  Love them!

I have an exact same Le Creuset soup pot.  It is my favorite.  I basically use it to do everything.  So he buys me another one in bright lemon yellow color (Here's one at AMAZON).  O(_)O~

My ceramic cast iron collection