Espresso Coffee Made with Moka pot

Both my husband and I are really into coffee recently.  Just simply enjoy a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee and the lazy cozy Sunday afternoons in the street coffee shop with a good book. O(∩_∩)O~

I pick up the habit to make espresso coffee with moka pot from a couple Italian friends.  Whenever I hang out with them, there is always a pot of freshly brewed coffee on the stove.  It goes so well with cookies and other sweets!


1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons coffee beans (use more if prefer stronger darker coffee)
1 /1/2 cups water

I use decaf coffee beans bought from starbucks store.

Add coffee beans to a coffee grinder.  Grind for a few seconds

Add water. There is a maximum water mark on the moka pot.  Be careful not to add too much water; otherwise you might end with a coffee mess on the stove. 

Mine is small.  One and a half cups are the maximum capacity.

Load the ground coffee.

Heat over medium high heat

Soon, the coffee will come out from the top.

More and more coffee comes out.  You will need to cover it now or it will splatter everywhere.

When it stops, remove the moka pot from heat.

Now enjoy it whatever way you like.  My favorite choice is macaroons!